Allahu-S-Samad Model School

Allahu-S-Samad Model School

Allahu-S-Samad Model School is is an Islamic nursery, primary and secondary school without internet presence. We built a responsive website for the school, worked on it's Social Media and Search Engine optimization. With only the information website being given, we connected the admission and contact forms respectively.
Ondo State NYSC

Ondo State NYSC

Here we were set to document all files of Corps member since the inception of NYSC in ondo state We built a web application for the uploading of each corps member document and pictures, in the web application We created a search engine using different parameters in order to locate any corps member on the database without stress..
32 ATBR Medical Center

32 ATBR Medical Center

32 Artillery Brigade Medical Center have to go digital with their filings, and staff interaction. Therefore, we are using intranet connection here by building a low cost server to store all record locally, creating web application, that manage the interaction between, doctor, lab scientist, pharmacist, supervisor and admin without the need of writing on paper or moving any file.
Finacial Institution

Faxwell Hub Website

Faxwell Hub is a Micro Finance organization that gives loan for small business startup. We designed a website for the organization, where new members can register, manage their profiles, apply for funds and manage the activities of their workers. This would have involved more man power if they had not chosen to go digital.
WoW MoM Blog


Wow Mom is centered around moms and their kids. A blog that discusses parenting tips, products and hacks. Here we build the blog with an easy to maintain Content Management System (CMS) since it is not centered on profit making.
Mathematics Adroid App

Mathematics Android Application

This Android application is designed to boost students' interest and performance in mathematics. It provides multiple choice questions for them to solve and then, grades it. Over 80% of the world's mobile phones use Android as their OS.