Learn How To Code


We code in all schools irrespective of the facility


When its fun they learn and Interact faster


Watching kids being creative can be mind blowing


The Easiest way to keep a kid Independent and Productive

Learning how to code is not limited to any age group, and can begin as early as age four(4). For this reason, we have taken the step towards equipping kids with the ability to code.

Estonia for instance rose from the status of developing to a developed country mainly because of its upgrade in the digital world. All government interactions became electronic, laws were pass in favor of digitalization, programming was introduced into schools curriculum, and teachers adopt the digital methods of teaching.

For this purpose, we have decided to invest in children and youth when it comes to digitalization. Once they learn how to code, they improve in areas such as;

Training for Schools

Coding Platforms: Offline Scratch 2.0(Primary Schools), Wordpress, App Inventor, Python
Date : June 1, 2018 -
Required: Computer Lab with computer system and electricity supply for 1:30 minutes each day.
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