A group of problem solving personnel working hand-in-hand over time to solve problems relating to digital work, either in hardware or software decided to give a name to the group and set up an organization.The decision made in the year 2013 gave birth to this organization with the name name Trillz Global, now a registered company under the Corporate Affair Commission (CAC).

Since then, the company has been working tirelessly and plunging into the diverse range of Information Technology.
Gaining experience in different aspects, and channeling this experience into providing customers with nothing but the best.

Trillz Global is presently noted for impeccable and responsive website designing, android application designing, server building and monitoring , office digitalization and many more.

Not being an island of knowledge, we introduce pupils in basic programming (coding). Increasing their quest for knowledge and interest in innovation, to be outstanding in whatsoever career they choose.

The staff at Trillz Global are always eager to assist in every challenge you think you are in. Bring it to Trillz Global to have the best experience.

Our staff consist of;

Therefore, any area you want our professionalism, be assured a professional and satisfactory result, because we take our time to deliver the best.